What Is the Peace+Justice Studies Initiative?

 Peace & Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that emphasizes the study of nonviolent and transformative responses to injustice, conflict, and violence. Areas of study include the following.

  • Nonviolence, violence, and civil resistance: theories and meanings of nonviolence and violence; history, principles and methods of dissent, communication, art, organizing, and individual and social change.
  • Peacemaking: seeking to prevent, resolve, or transform conflicts -- including war, genocide, human rights violations, non-state and state terrorism, and ecological destruction -- through nonviolent means.
  • Transformative justice: liberation, restoration, reparations, healing, and reconciliation as alternatives to retribution.
  • Well-being: creating and sustaining health and quality of life in individuals, groups, societies, and ecosystems.

The Peace+Justice Studies initiative (PJSI) at Stanford, with support from the Hoagland Award Fund for Innovations in Undergraduate Teaching, works to develop and strengthen course offerings in these areas and to support interactive learning among students, faculty, and the world beyond our campus.